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The game- Carrom!

A mix between billiards and Table shuffle board, Carrom is a game that creates as much interest as billiards and other board games. Carrom is a game played on square peace of lacquered plywood. A standard board has dimensions of 29” square, with the four corner’s forming pockets, and the limits of the board having bumper’s to ensure the discs stay inside the perimeter’s. Played extensively across the Asian and Middle Eastern countries, Carrom is played with Discs instead of balls, and is played with 19 Discs. These Discs have three different color’s- Red, White and Black, with 1, 9, 9 discs each respectively for these color’s. The Red Disc is also called Queen, and is usually placed in the centre with the rest of the discs placed around it with an alternative effect.

“Carrom” on mobile!

Konnect found the Android device a micro-carrom board, imagined that the discs could be virtual and got into deriving the formulae behind each movement and strike. With ‘n’ no. of combinations and mostlty programmatically handled Konnect Mobile has come up with an extremely responsive gaming board, strike it, and feel the striker hit the white and black discs, and hurray when they end up in the pockets. Enjoy it as Konnect is providing more options to practice and play carrom

- Practice (Time based/ strike based)
- Quick Board (solo/ multiplayer)
- Full match (solo and multiplayer)

Download it from Android market: